What Is Maritime Hustle?

Maritime Hustle is a community being built to act as a support system to shine light on the talent, culture and business of Atlantic Canada. Anyone who is from the Maritimes understands that we as Maritimers come from the part of the country with the lowest wages and the highest taxes. We are no stranger to struggles and hustle. A large portion of us have more than one source of income just to survive and to live a life where we aren't just scraping by.

To be from The Maritimes means we have to hustle. It's in our blood. The word Maritime and the word Hustle are synonymous. Maritimers are known nation wide for being the hardest working people in the country. We take pride in this title. Our work ethic is second to none because in order to make it in the Maritimes you have to grind and grind hard. We are also known as being some of the nicest people in the world. The reason behind that is what manifested our motto "Culture Of Solidarity".

It is our culture to help others in times of need because at one point in time we have been helped ourselves. The cycle continues. Maritime Hustle represents what it means to be a Maritimer. Good hearted and hard working. We are Eastern Canada's Premium Apparel. We are Maritime Hustle.

Surrounded by

Forged with

The Meaning
Our Brand

The trident was mainly used as a fishing spear and as polearm weaponry throughout history. It is one of the strongest symbols of the sea. As stated above this item was used as a tool as well as weaponry. Like our mind, we choose to help and protect while some choose to harm. It's the same item but the choices are what differentiate.

Our motto is "Culture of Solidarity" because it is the Eastern Canadian way to help our fellow man and we will always defend our way. There are two tridents, we have the choice and we are not alone. In the centre of the tridents is the treasure chest. Everyone knows what treasure is, but not everyone treasures the same thing. Our hearts beat in our chest and we strive to succeed in gaining what we treasure. We are individuals with our own talents and gifts to give the world, we are its treasure.

The combination represents using our mind as a tool to gain the things that are important to us. We must use our mind to follow and protect our dreams and our culture.